Expensicon 2016 – Day Two – The Main Event

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Here’s Part 2:

Day 2 of Expensicon was the Main Event. It started with an amazing breakfast. I had already seen a lot of my friends the night before, and now there were even more people shuffling in. It was a bit surreal. There were about 80 of the “who’s who” in the small business accounting industry. As I walked in I say Laura & John Redmond, Matt & Robin Rissell, Doug Sleeter, Genie Whitehouse, Rod Drury, Misty Megia. I saw Bruce Phillips, Gary DeHart, Scott and Patti Scharf, and Blake Oliver, who’s my newest accounting hike buddy back home, and many other industry thought leaders. Lyrics from an 80s song from Big Audio Dynamite entered my mind, “…these aren’t common people, they’re personalities.”

I met a lovely couple at breakfast who share similar taste in wedding bands with my wife, and me. Aaron Berson, MSA, CPA from Eisner Amper – cloud accounting and systems integration expert, and his wife.

Next we were ushered into the main event. You’ll see David Barrett, Founder, and CEO of Expensify, in my video as I am walking in. You’ll also notice the incredible view of the ocean from the room we were in.

One thing that really got my attention was the way the presentation was put together. It was different. It was well done. It was really one very big presentation, with some other presentations built in. David Barrett, started with a blank slide, and over the course of the morning he filled in the blanks on the expense reporting ecosystem. It was really just one slide, where information was added as he went on. Along the way, we took breaks for other speakers, as well as one set of breakout sessions.

I made a note to myself, reminding myself to think about how he presented the information. I like it. I would want to do something similar. That’s a funny thing about me. When I watch someone present, I am often focusing less on the content itself, and more on the presentation. How do people communicate their ideas, and what can I learn from THAT? That may in fact be where I learn the most.


One takeaway that I get from this, which seemed to be a common denominator here at Expensicon, is that we’re all in this together. Software developers are working together, now more than ever to deliver a unified experience to the end users. The partnerships make a lot of sense. Expensify has been integrated with QuickBooks products for some time, and adding Xero into the mix just makes sense. It may be fair to say it is overdue. Either way we’re glad it has happened now, for the reasons they discussed. It’s about giving time back to the end user, so they can focus on other things.

The video will tell you more than I can express here, in terms of what was going on. Of course nothing can replace being there, so if you weren’t there this year, maybe you can join us next year? Start referring users to expensify. 10 companies with 20 users, each, or 2 companies with 100. Maybe they’ll raise the bar next year, who knows? Just get busy referring people – it’s an amazing app, and I’ll be posting some videos coming up, that should give you some ideas about how you can find more opportunities to refer your clients and colleagues to Expensify! Might want to fill out that quick little, “Join the Revolution” form on your right.

Expensicon 2016 – Day One

After a five and a half hour flight from Los Angeles to Maui, I was ready to work, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. My good friends at Expensify were gracious enough to invite me out to their first ever, invite only, Expensicon.

The best thing about the first day is the family reunion aspect of it. For me, anyway, I get so excited to see my friends, who have become like family, gather from all corners of the world, in Maui of all places.

I asked David Barrett, Founder & CEO of Expensify,

“Why Maui of all places?”

His response,

“We tried to think of the most amazing place possible.”

I love a person who keeps things simple, don’t you?

Expensify has gone all out, and done everything first class all the way. Prior to the event, they made it very clear, that when they say, “all expenses paid,” they mean, “all expenses paid.” About a week ago we all received an e-mail to this effect. The e-mail included an invite to an Expensify policy for us to sign into, and submit all of our expenses for reimbursement.

Expensicon Expense Policy

I’m going to test this and see if my upgrade to first class on the flight here is included 😉

The Andaz resort is amazing! It was also kind of cool, when they replied to my tweet, after I posted my video with the view from my room, that doesn’t suck (just like Expensify’s Expense reports don’t suck):

After catching up with Misty Megia, Sara Laidlaw, and some other great friends, poolside, Expensify kicked things off with a welcome reception, down at the bottom pool. It was an amazing beginning to an amazing conference, but don’t take my word for it? In fact what are you doing reading this? Go watch the video, and share with me in the experience!