How to Use Nimble CRM to Identify Opportunities and Nurture Relationships

The purpose of a CRM should be to identify opportunities and help nurture relationships. Here’s how to use Nimble CRM to identify opportunities and nurture relationships.

I have talked to many people who want to have a combined solution for both project management and CRMI strongly advise against this. You will wind up with two mediocre solutions wrapped up into one.  Instead, you want to use two separate solutions, each of which perform their function really well.

How to use Nimble to identify opportunities and nurture relationships. With Nimble, you have a CRM that does CRM REALLY well. What’s more is that Nimble CRM can easily be used alongside ANY other cloud application you are using. This means that you can use Nimble CRM as though it were integrated right into any other app.

How to use Nimble CRM to Easily manage your contacts while you’re working in any other application.

In my recent post on How to Use ActiveCollab to Manage Your Projects, I showed you how to use Nimble CRM right alongside ActiveCollab. This works for all of your cloud based project management applications.

In this video I will show you how to use Nimble CRM with ActiveCollab. Then we’ll look at how Numble CRM works with another application I use called

How to use nimble CRM to Stay in Touch

One of the biggest issues we have is that we leave money on the table. This is because we fail to follow up with people. When we fail to follow up, people are likely to go hire someone else. If a lead is hot, you want to follow up with them weekly.

You also want to follow up regularly with existing customers. These are the most obvious people that you should be following up with. You can use Tags in Nimble CRM to organize your “customer’ contacts. Of course you should immediately recognize your customers, without needing a tag. If you can’t that is a different issue. The most important success tool in any business is caring.

If you don’t know whom your customers are, then you don’t care enough. Work on that first!

You can use group messages in Nimble CRM to send out e-mails to all of the people tagged (eg) Customers. Then you can use merge tags to personalize the e-mails. Most importantly, Nimble sends these e-mails out as individual messages through your own e-mail account. This is important, because it does not go out as a mass e-mail, which has potentially negative implications.

A hammer will not nail the boards together for you

I love it when people say things like, “but now I have to remember to check Nimble.”

That is like telling me that a hammer won’t work, because you have to remember to take it out of the tool box.

Nimble is a tool. If you want to succeed in today’s world, you have to use the tools. This means you have to build their use into your daily workflow.

Here’s a thought… set up chrome to open Nimble whenever you open up chrome. I’ll show you how to do this in the video.

In my next video on Nimble, we’ll go deeper into using the group messages, and e-mail templates to save time. I’ll show you how to enhance the process of how to use Nimble CRM to identify opportunities and nurture Relationships.