How to Keep Your Ideas Organized with Penzu

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I started using Penzu as a personal journal app, but now I’m using Penzu for all kinds of things. When I needed a way to organize my thoughts around how I want to deliver courses on, I set up a journal and started making notes in Penzu. I like this better than evernote, because it is a true cloud app, as opposed to a desktop sync. I also like it, because it is much more “visual” than Evernote, and that really appeals to me.

You can tag notes, which makes it easy to search for content, provided you’ve utilized your tags well. In the browser version, you can browse all tags right from the home screen. In the mobile app, you go into a notebook, and you can tap a tag specific to that notebook, to find anything with that tag. I have found Evernote to be unwieldy when it comes to searching the mobile app. Penzu, seems to make it easy for me to find what I am looking for.

I also created a journal called, “Notes on The Fly” for the fleeting thoughts, and the times when I don’t yet have a permanent home for the note I am about to take. I hate to hold people hostage when I want to jot something down, so I don’t want to make them wait while I search for the right journal to put things in.

Images – Since this is private, you can steal from Google. Each journal let’s you set an image for the cover. Do take the time to do this, It makes your journals in Penzu much easier to identify. Look at mine, for example. I don’t really need to read the titles to know which one, is which.

You can share a page from a journal with the public, if you choose. For example, I have the ouline of my upcoming course 01 – Bookkeeping Fundamentals with Cloud Accounting Applications course outline shared in the notebook.

I’ve been looking for ways to get out of Evernote for a long time, and Penzu looks like it will solve a lot of that problem for me. Based on the above, I can organize, categorize, and easily reference my thoughts, and ideas using Penzu. Time will tell, especially as I accumulate more stuff in Penzu, if it stands up to the volume test. Many of these applications work well when you just have a few things in them. It’s when you have 10,000 notes, like I have in Evernote, that you get to test the app’s true capabilities. How easy will it be, to find what I am looking for in Penzu, when I have lots and lots of notes? I’m sure I’ll write about it!