How to Write Copy That Sells Chapter 2 Lesson 1

Time to start a Google Doc with our sales letters
He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well, is not so apt to get the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers.
Words Sell
15 Building Blocks that fit within the Pastor Framework
  1. Pre-head – (eg) Hey Accountants & Bookkeepers (Person)
  2. Headline – the ad for the rest of the ad – “They told me that I wasn’t needed. That this space had already been filled, but I knew I could do better”
  3. Deck Copy (Usually Bold Print) – “I had to stop ignoring the most obvious things – Our cloud ecosystem calls for an overhaul of how we do things. It’s not just using apps. It’s using the right tool for the right job. It’s not just value pricing. It’s compensating people in a new way. You can’t revolutionize one side without overhauling the other.
  4. Lead – beginning of the body. “If you are struggling to make more money, because you don’t have any more time, if you’ve tried every app, and still can’t get the right rythm and workflow going, if you are ready to give up, because you’re exhausted from working all of the time, and still struggling to pay the bills, then sign up for  The Accounting Business Academy. Don’t worry you can cancel any time.
  5. Body –
    • First do a search. Search for your product and your target market.
    • Search for forums.
    • Search terms –
      • How do I grow my accounting practice
      • Training for accountants
      • Resources for accountants
      • Workflow for accountants
      • CPA help
      • Accounting help
      • Accounting forum
      • Bookkeeper forum
      • How do I improve workflow in my accounting practice
    • Talk to people about their problems
  6. Subheads
    • Lead the reader through the body to get the gist of you’re message
    • You have to get past the readers skepticism.
    • If you can get them to read, then all you have to do next is all them to buy.
  7. Rapport
    • Relationship building
    • 3 kinds of people are liked by people
      • People who are Llke themselves
      • Would like to be like them
      • Like them back
    • Make the reader feel understood and valued
  8. Bullet points
    • Identify benefits without disclosing how they’re derived
    • Create curiosity
  9. Credibility
    • Establish yourself as an authority on your subject.
  10. Testimonials
    • Adds more credibility
    • Video testimonials are best
    • Get a photo, but a candid shot, not a studio / head shot
    • For a real push, set of you can get someone to allow you to include their phone number.
  11. Value justification
    • Contrast the value of what you’re offering favorably with the cost
    • Who wouldn’t pay $197/month or they’re going to learn how to make ten times that much in increased revenue?
  12. Risk reversal
    • ?% money back guarantee
      • Don’t use that. People are immune to it.
    • This is a monthly plan so you can cancel any time, and if you really feel you got nothing out if it, let me know and I’ll refund your first month.
  13. Bonuses
    • It’s worth $xx.00, but I’ll throw it in free of you join today.
    • Maybe a bonus video?
  14. Call to action
    • Let’s do this…
  15. P.S.
    • State the top benefit that you’re product offers.