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You must have access to cash at all times.” This is perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice I have been given to date from a mentor. Of course this can mean a lot of things. Access to lines of credit, and other debt instruments. Borrowing money is ok, especially when it’s being used to finance the expansion of the business. The best source of cash, however is your own, because it doesn’t cost you anything to use it! This comes down to really good cash flow management, and that’s what cash flow management with is all about.

Most companies are driving blind.

I know that sounds crazy, but you’re just so busy trying to stay afloat that you can’t even think about getting ahead.

The one thing that would help you is having a way to access and analyze really important information really quickly. Even my own cash flow projections process can be laborious.

When Mike Milan first told me what Finagraph was doing with I got excited. When I first saw I was in love!

I work with a ton of small to medium sized business owners, and you know what they all want to know at a glance?

  • Forget all of the fancy KPI’s.
  • Forget analyzing ratios (and many of you know how much it pains me to say that, but it’s true.
  • Forget all of the BS that a million app developers want you to believe about what you need.

Who knows what you need better than you do?

I know what you want to know, because I’m the one you’re usually asking.

How much money am I making?

How much money do I have?

How long will the money last?

What can I do to bring in more cash and make things easier?

Easier to pay the bills for sure.

Easier to grow most importantly. gives you exactly all of this information, and then some.

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