Smartsheet is a great place to set this up (and much less expensive than airtable if you need a lot of collaborators).

The key difference between how you set this up in Airtable vs Smartsheet is that in Smartsheet you will have one table for everything. Essentially it is your Master Product List (from Airtable) without your linked fields (columns).

Here are the columns, and they should be kept in this order, especially if you’re planning on using my Amazon Settlement Report Template later on.

  • Product Name (Sales Channel)
  • Sku (Sales Channel)
  • Sales Channel
  • Master Sku (QBO)
  • Product Name (QBO)
  • Product Name Length (QBO) (must be under 100)
  • Sales Description
  • MPN (Mfg Part No)
  • Suppliers
  • Cost per unit
  • Price per unit
  • Product URL
  • Notes
  • Attachments (you can include photos of the product here)

Once again you may want to add things, and please do!

In Smartsheet, since you will not be linking to things, you may want to use the “Drop Down” column type for things like Sales Channel, & Suppliers. This is especially important for the sales channels.

You will likely want to use “Filters” in Smartsheet to create reports. This will work much better if you have 100% consistency in naming things. Dropdowns eliminate the chance of typos.

The video here will show you how to set all of this up in Smartsheet.

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