How to Build a Truly Scalable Business – Focus at Every Level

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Here’s an outline I wrote in the form of bullet points, based on this ZIBWAM:

ZIBWAM – Zoom In Between Wall and Main

Friday June 10, 2016

How to Build a Truly Scalable Business – Focus at Every Level

Here are some bullet points describing what we discussed

  • Real Estate with QuickBooks
  • How to treat speakers from your conference
  • Focus – Being singular in purpose and product
  • Why I picked QuickBooks Online
  • Reporting is the ultimate output
  • 2 Methods for the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Choose your apps – define them for a specific purpose
  • Sign up for affiliate programs
  • Send an e-mail in your on boarding process with the affiliate links, inviting your new client to sign up for the apps.
  • Finagraph is now free, which makes this a no brainer. Set it up. Use it.
  • When are clients best suited for QuickBooks Enterprise?
  • I’ll train them, but I won’t service them on the business management side. Takes too many resources.

  • How to Automate your accounting
  • How to service Inventory clients in the cloud
  • SOS Inventory
  • Fishbowl
  • How to nurture your client relationships and deliver a remarkable service
  • If you’re going to serve industries that take more resources to service, you have to charge more
  • Power Pricing – my improvement on the concept of Value Pricing
What REALLY drives the price of a product or service? Why it has nothing to do with value.

  • Job Costing and Inventory – Knowify
  • The challenge of getting the information you need from your client, to serve that client
  • Before I can give you the blueprint for how to make a million a year in business, I need to accomplish that myself first – and not by selling information about how to do it. It has to be, by building a REAL business of my own.

What I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk on building a business and staying focused.
The self study course I am developing for how I am doing this
Here’s the outline:
Sign up as a Patron 97 & up here to get access:
From Gary Vee –
Hustle & Filters and Hustle & Filters | DailyVee 025
You have to figure out what you’re good at.
That’s the only thing you should be doing.
Mentors, Masterminds, are doing what they’re doing, because they’re not good enough to do it themselves.
Not talented enough, so they’re just going to sell you.
  • If you’re good enough to make money by doing “THAT” you DO THAT!
  • You going to sell me how to make a million dollars?
  • You can only sell what you know?
  • You can only sell what’s true.


Even if your business model is based on training,

you still have to have clients of your own.

How I I learned by watching others.
The launch of Between Wall and Main has happened:
How to get a book done?


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