You can now export to Google Sheets with Billbeez

It’s time!

It’s time that all of the companies who tell us how important it is to go to the cloud drink their own kool-aid. They tell us we should be working 100% in the cloud, yet they don’t support a simple feature like exporting reports to Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is the one truly cloud based spreadsheet.

Microsoft is trying hard to get there but I still see a lot of friction when it comes to collaborating in Excel. Do they even have pivot tables in the Office 365 version yet? I haven’t checked in a while. Google sheets has just worked for so long I haven’t bothered to.

Google sheets has pivot tables. It has filters, conditional formatting and all of the functions. You can even use all of the keyboard shortcuts you may have gotten used to with Excel.

In this “cloudy” world we do need to be 100% in the cloud, which means I want my data exported directly to a cloud based spreadsheet like Google Sheets. I want to be able to click a button, and then click one more to share information with my clients.

Let’s say my client has taken a trip and I need to get a list of expenses where I need to confirm what the nature of the trip was for. With Billbeez export to Google Sheets I can do this with ridiculous efficiency. In 10 seconds I can get an export of all of the Uber rides, and send it to my client with live links to the receipts. My client can easily get in there and comment on them without having to email files back and forth. Heck I can be in the live file with him / her in real time while they comment, and I update it in QuickBooks Online which is just the next tab over in my browser. I can copy and paste the client’s comments so it’s right there and clear what the client told me about these expenses. And if the client questions it later (and they do sometimes) I can say, “hey these were your comments.”

I am growing Nerd Enterprises, Inc. on the basis of “ridiculous efficiency.” This means we get it done fast and error free. Errors are inefficient.

I would love to see all of the other cloud based products doing things like this. All of these companies who encourage us to be in the cloud should have an export to Google Sheets. It shouldn’t even be a question.

I am so happy and grateful to be working with a company like Billbeez who gets it!

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