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Today’s guest is Doug Sleeter.

Doug Sleeter started out interested in music and math, and yes they do go together!

Then he met The Computer in college.
First computer was the Apple II
Doug’s degree was in computer science.
Doug worked for Adobe

Doug was starting to teach when he met his wife Sherrill. Sherrill was an event planner. They came together on the business organically – it was little things that Sherrill was able to help him with.

The secret seems to be that they each had very different roles so they didn’t step on one another’s toes.

Doug were there times when you thought you would shut it all down and go back to working for someone else?

It was hard to stay focused at times because of “people issues.”

Vendors in particular could present challenges.
There was one year that we were not profitable. Cash flow was fine, but on paper there was no profit. In the end it meant we weren’t paying ourselves.

Bottom line Doug was not willing to accept failure.

When the business was sold, it was not part of the plan.

The realization was that for anyone in business there WILL be an end. It could be due to sickness, or you die, or you simply can’t do it anymore.

Doug realized, maybe he should consider this.

As long as he can part with it in a “whole” way.

Selling was a dreamed Doug had not dreamed of.

Thinking about starting a business?

Consider a few things:

  • Are you really ready to “run” a business?
  • Can you “run yourself?”
  • Will you be prepared to handle the things that go along with running a business that aren’t the thing you set out to do at the core.
  • You have to be doing something you love, but that isn’t enough.
  • You have to find a market for what you love.

Many entrepreneurs have the dream of selling their company! Doug has experienced this.

So is Doug living the American Dream?

Doug describes that he is doing “Life 2.0.”

He was working so hard that he never did hobbies.

He’s exercising more than ever and getting into shape.

Doug is also doing some wood working.

YouTube has the answers to EVERYTHING you need to learn, even about woodworking.

Will there ever be another Sleeter Conference?

Listen for the answer!

Doug wants to find a way to continue with the network of people who need to learn more technology.

His focus is on Blockchain. This is the next postscript.

If Doug does something it will be in that space.


If you’re not always learning. If you’re not always looking at the next phase, then you’re going to become irrelevant.

People are doing it backwards. They are trying to use the apps and then figure out the process. What they need to do it figure out the process and then figure out what apps to use and how to use them to complete that process.

Doug is consulting with some tech companies now to help them succeed in the marketplace

  • Botkeeper
  • Spotlight reporting


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