Accounting for Startups – Creating Reports in Google Sheets

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been showing you how, as a startup, you can develop a system for keeping track of your accounting, that costs you absolutely nothing. Every good accounting system provides for you to input data, for one ultimate purpose – to get data out of the system. Simply put, this is your “reports” area.

In this video I took a bunch of sample data from a sample QuickBooks desktop company file, and populated it into my template. Now we’re going to see how we can run some reports in Google Sheets, using Pivot Tables. Don’t let the pivot tables scare you. I am going to show you how easy, they actually are, to create and manage!

Think about the columns in the “register.” Now imagine being able to decide, which columns you want as your rows, and which, as your columns, so you can analyze the data. You want to see your expenses, as the rows, and the months as the columns? We can do that. Then we can further sub-divide the columns by year. Next we can add the names as a row underneath each expense, so we can see expenses by vendor in the report. You can’t get reporting this powerful in any accounting system I’ve used, and I’ve used many!

Watch the video to see what this looks like.

After you are comfortable with how Google Sheets can be set up, you may want to consider a 1:1 session with me to help get you set up.

Then, when you think you have the budget to spring for the accounting software, we’ll take a look next an Accounting for Startups, using QuickBooks Online.

Want this template? Get it here:


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