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The Arrival

Prior to receiving my invite from Kacee Johnson, I had no idea who AbacusNext was. Now I understand intimately, who they are.

I received an email from Kacee Johnson in August, but before that I had med Alessandra Lezama at the CalCPA Flagg show in June. She was vibrant, funny, intelligent, and charismatic. She had all of the qualities of a good leader. I could see that right away.

What AbacusNext is doing intrigues me. They’ve purchase several companies in our accounting space:

  • Results CRM
  • Cloud9 Realtime
  • Office Tools

There may be others, but those are the ones that stand out to me for sure.

So we’re here to learn from behind the scenes, about what AbacusNext is up to.

Who’s who?

But who’s “WE?”

Wait! Let’s back up a second.

I was really excited to head down here last Wednesday, especially since I was taking Amtrak. This was definitely one of my better ideas. I don’t like driving (especially in Los Angeles), and after taking Amtrak, I am not sure there is any other way I’d want to travel, if I can help it. It was so nice and relaxing to be on the train.

Heading to San Diego via Amtrak. I don’t want to drive anymore. Is rather spend that time writing.

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What excites me

There are several layers to what makes it exciting to come to an event like this. The train was an added one. Next is the fact that I am going to see my extended family. My “accounting” friends as like to call them. The next thing that excites me, about going to events like this, is the location. I haven’t been to San Diego in years, which is a shame because it’s really not that far.

Finally I am excited, of course to learn more about why I was invited here, and of course I am honored, more than anything to be included on this list. It’s still surreal to me, that I get invited to these things. My head tells me I am not that special. Am I? Maybe I am. I know you’ll tell me that I am, but of course you’d say that 😛

I arrived at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla at the tail end of the registration, and picked up my gift. Just then Kacee walked by, and welcomed me. Blake Oliver was sitting at the cafe outside the hotel with his wife. Brandon Morris had already messaged me, to see about meeting up, to catch up. We literally passed each other by about two QuickBooks Connects ago, and we’ve never had the chance to sit down and talk, even though we’ve known each other  for years.

La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla (San Diego, CA)

The lobby is on the 7th floor. As you walk outside towards the back, this is what you see

The Gift

Dude! AbacusNext gave us a Dell!

Why me?

I’m always so impressed with the others who show up to these VIP events. I feel like I cheated. I just made a bunch of videos and got attention. The rest of these people actually had to work hard and build real businesses. THAT’s impressive to me.

Making videos is easy. Easy for me to say, I know!

But I guess that’s what makes us, us. We love what we do so much, that we do it to an extent that whatever we’re doing, and however we’re doing it, as well as the levels that we take it to, make the outcome of what we do, remarkable. Whether you make a lot of videos, or you innovate in some other way, you get the attention of companies like AbacusNext, because you are doing something remarkable.

I love Seth Godin’s definition of “remarkable.” Worthy of a remark. In other words, are you doing something that gets you noticed?

So the next question is, whether or not AbacusNext is doing remarkable things.

And that is what day 2 is about…

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