If you’ve worked in a QuickBooks Online company for a little while, then you might find your chart of accounts has grown. Nothing wrong with that. The idea is to create an infrastructure that lends itself to running meaningful reports. Then you head on over to your chart of accounts to look for a particular account. QuickBooks Online has a great filter feature that lets you find an account quickly, but the filtered results lose context. Accounts look like they’re sub-accounts of the wrong account, and parent accounts are filtered out, because the search term you used is not in the parent account. Only the sub. Here’s a better way to search your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online.

Running a business in the cloud these days is about extreme efficiency. In this case, it’s about finding what you’re looking for, so you can make updates, and move on quickly to the next thing.

The really quick answer?

Use your browser search function. It searches the web page.

Visit the Chart of Accounts.

Then press CTRL+F. Look up! It’s easy to miss, but you’ll see the search box.

Type in your search term, and your browser will scroll (if necessary) right to the first instance where it finds your search word(s).

If the word appears more than once, you will see them all highlighted, and you can use your browser search navigation arrows to advance or back up to the next or previous instance of your search term.

That’s it! Quick and simple, but will save you a ton of time, and maybe a little confusion when you search your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online.

Oh and of course, this works on any browser page in any application! It just comes up a lot with the chart of accounts.

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