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97 and Up Episode 80 – Reconciling PayPal – How Do You Do It? And Client Management

In This Episode

Here are a few highlights / topics from the episode

  • Kristy lead the session
  • Adam got an iPad
  • Rachel – Where’s she been?
  • Reconciling PayPal – How Do You Do It?
  • Don’t want to have to access (eg) Stripe and PayPal to get the gross, fees, and net amounts for QBO
    • Hint: downlaod the csv file. This is very easy to do in both cases (PayPal and Stripe)
  • Kristy records a Zoom showing them how to download and provide it.
  • My suggestion (Seth) is, as always, GET the logins do you can do it.
  • PayPal feeds are now working much better directly in QBO.
  • PayPal monthly statements are also much better
    • Hint: get both PDF and csv.
  • Get payments set up on a subscription from your clients
    • Use WordPress / WooCoomerce / Woo Subscriptions
  • Client Management
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  • thetattooedaccountant

    Great episode…I especially can relate to the part about doing the work and not getting paid. I try to explain it to clients this way: “Would you go to Walmart, load up the cart, walk by the cashier and say “Hey, I’ll pay you some time down the road, but thanks for all this shit you just gave me”?”….