1. Learn the keyboard shortcuts – hold ‘ALT’ and note any underscored letters in any menu items.
  2. Use the tab key to move between fields, Shift + Tab to move backwards between fields.
  3. When doing something repetitive, count your keystrokes (eg it takes 5 Tab key strokes to get from the amount of a check to the account.)
  4. When entering dates you can use a “.” to separate the components – this is faster than using the “/”.
  5. All numeric fields provide for you to perform calculations, just enter a number and then enter an operator (+, -, /, *)
  6. When in a date field or a ref# or check # filed hold CTRL and press an up or down arrow to advance the date or number.
  7. CTRL + 1 Gives you your company file location and in QB 2010 you can copy and paste that into windows explorer for quick access to the file.
  8. In a drop down or date field hold ALT then press your down arrow. Then release ALT and use your arrow keys alone to navigate from there.
  9. Try not to have too many window open – especially in a multi-user environment that really seems to slow QB down.
  10. While reconciling, check off the box at the top right that says “Hide transactions after the statement’s ending date”.

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