Lesson 10 – 17Hats and Your Client Setup Checklist

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Now that your agreement is signed, and you’ve gotten your first payment, you have some work to do on your end. There must be a process here. What applications are you using with clients, that need to be set up.

In my case I need to have the following items set up:

  1. Add client to Nimble CRM (or confirm, and complete the information).
  2. Set up Google Drive.
  3. Set up Box.com.
  4. Set up smartsheet.
  5. Send e-mail to client, explaining about these services, and remind them to schedule their first 1:1 session, if they haven’t already.

The first 4 are simply “To do” items in your workflow.

The client is likely already in your CRM, but you’ll want to confirm. Also, now that they have completed the questionnaire, there is likely more information to add. In the video I will show you how easy it is to jump into the contact in Nimble, while I am working in 17hats.

Setting up Google Drive, and Box.com are simply a matter of creating the folders for the client on these services. I have a set folder structure that I use for clients. I’ll show you a generic version of what this looks like.

Smartsheet is what I use to collaborate with the client on. Setting this up entails creating the Workspace in Smartsheet. The initial project that I set up will be a simple task list of the things I need to complete the on boarding. This often includes a list of the vendors that are paid each month, so that I can ensure that my systems are set up properly to pay them. I will get the logins from the client, and track the progress (what I have vs what I need) in Smartsheet.

As time goes on, and based on the client’s needs, I will develop other sheets.

Here’s a video that walks you through that initial project that I set up for all clients in Smartsheet:

Once everything is setup, you will want to review it all with the client. That’s what the last e-mail in this workflow is about. I also remind them (because let’s face it, who reads anything these days) that I have sent them a link to use, to schedule a Zoom conference with me, so I can review everything. Of course I provide the link again.

Here’s the video I promised about Nimble and 17Hats:


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