Lesson 9 – Appendix A – Reviewing your Agreement – Do You Know Were Your Lawyer is?

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I’ve seen many conversations online, in which people are asking one another to share their agreements. I also think it is amazing how generous and kind spirited we are, when it comes to helping one another. I don’t think there is a single other industry out there where our peers are as anxious to help one another as the accounting industry is.

You’ve seen how to automate the process of getting your engagement letter aka agreement signed. What I didn’t cover in the main part of that, is something that I feel is critically important to the business.

No matter how trusted the source who shared their agreement might be, you must have an attorney review the agreement that you are sending out to your clients. $250 – $350 for an attorney to review your agreement, and make sure you’re covered pales in comparison to what it will cost you, if you wind up in a dispute, and you aren’t adequately covered. Even it if is $1,000 (which is highly unlikely, unless the agreement is complex) it would still be worth it.

Many of us are starting to use 17hats to send our agreements out. I recommend that you hire someone like Stephen Loeb, to review your contracts. You can speak to Stephen directly, and make sure that he understands what your intentions are. From there, Stephen can look at your agreement, and make sure it properly reflects your intentions, in a manner and form that will hold up in court.

The attorney who drafted the contract for the person who shared it with you, knows nothing about you, or your unique issues. So while I commend the generosity our community has in sharing these things with one another, and it may be a great start, I still cannot stress enough how important it is that you have an attorney review your agreements.

If you don’t have someone you can call for help with this, Stephen is available to help you:

The Law Office of Stephen Loeb
E-mail – SLoeb@Loeblaw.com
Call (212) 766-5268

NO – I will not receive an affiliate commission on this.

NO – I am not being paid to say any of this.

It is JUST that important to me, that you cover your ass!



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