Lesson 4 – 17Hats.com Outlining the On Boarding Process

When I was a young boy. OK just kidding. A couple of years back, when I made the decision to re-emerge into the world of accounting consulting, and specifically business management services, I learned a few lessons, very quickly. I was used to the idea that when I took on a client, things were simple. Give me access to your books, give me some bills, and your bank statements, and we’re ready to rock and roll. Things have changed. The on boarding process has grown more detailed, and more complex.

My clients were getting confused, and then they were getting frustrated. I was getting frustrated too. Then I realized I needed a clearly defined process for how the client gets into my world. Especially with the various apps that I use, it can be daunting for a client who does not have all of the experience that I have with these apps.

Initially I created a document in Google Docs, where I began to outline the on boarding process. Eventually I revised that document such that I had organized it as an e-mail that would go out to all new clients, as soon as they confirmed they wanted to work with me.

Access the document template here:

Onboarding with Nerd Enterprises, Inc. – What to Expect

The video for this lesson will show you what this looks like.

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