Lesson 3 – 17Hats.com – Automating Workflows for Your Leads

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Automating workflows for your leads takes a bit of planning. Your first reaction, may be that you cannot possibly automate this, because every inquiry is a little different. You also want to personalize it, to make it warm. You will be able to do that here.

The trick to this is to stop thinking from the perspective of the inquiry, but rather from the perspective of where you will want to send them.

You create your lead workflows based on your services. In my own case, and at a very high level, anyone coming in my door, will either need to be send to a “consulting workflow” or a “training” workflow. Keep in mind that you can create many workflows, and then assign the most appropriate one. Within my training services, people may be better suited for the 1:1 private education, or the self paced subscription based. This depends largely on their budget. There are other factors.

For training I might have 3 workflows:

  • Private Education only
  • Self paced only
  • Both

When in doubt I send them into the “both” workflow. Once this is all set up, then it’s easy. I make a decision about which workflow to assign, and then assign it.

On the consulting side, I am in the process of developing a few different verticals, so I will ultimately have a workflow for each one.

Then for the cases where it is unclear what they need, I might have a general lead workflow that summarizes all of my services, and asks for clarification. Then when they reply, I can assign another, channel specific workflow. You can even have two workflows going at once, with a lead.

The sky really is the limit on this, and you just have to get creative. Ready to see what this looks like? Then hit play on the video above, and enter the password. Or click the key above to get the password.


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