Happy Tax Day!

This day just started off all wrong and kept going that way. I felt like someone threw me in the boxing ring with no gloves on and my hands tied behind my back. I got yelled at by someone – my first call of the day. I got a nasty e-mail from another person, then I got a nasty comment on one of my YouTube videos – some punk-ass kid called me a douche bag. So I let it go and just commented back – “Is that the best you can come up with?” he actually commented back, “no” so that was pretty funny actually. The nasty e-mail I chose to ignore and I have learned to let “yellers” yell and then calmly tell them what I will / will not do. Makes it easy on me and usually it frustrates the hell out of them. Most people are just looking for a reaction, don’t give it to them and you win, so to speak.

I decided not to do any billable work today and instead I worked on the “fun” stuff. Recorded tutorials and pretty much blew everyone off for the rest of the day because clearly communicating with people was just not working for me today. I did take one call from Barry G, one of my favorite people in the world! Oh, and Ben G – another one of my favorite people. So it wasn’t all bad. Tomorrow I have to head out early for a meeting in Century city and then back to Burbank to work my ass off and make up for not doing and “real” work today.

Sometimes I need a day like this and I took it!

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