Hello world!

This is my new personal blog which I will use to describe my new personal adventures! Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Tell all of your friends about it.

The picture is of me and my dog Raphy. Ralphy is my best friend and true partner. When I am home he stays with me. If my wife would let me I would take him everywhere, but she won’t let me go anywhere with him :(

I’m just getting this new blog going and I think I promise that this will be the last new one. What can I say? My evolution has been constant, but I think I finally know what I want here. One network of all blogs housed in a single network. The Nerd Enterprises, Inc.  site network. I am already developing the site for my first contributor, John J. Sanchez who is a friend I met through the Burbank Chamber of Commerce and he has hired me to help him now with his web presence. If you would like to become a contributor in my network the requirements are simple. You have to love to write, and  you have to be passionate about a business of your own – even if you haven’t actually started it yet. This could be your building block towards starting it – writing about it might make it a reality.

E-mail me about becoming a contributor in my network here.

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About Nerd

I started Nerd Enterprises, Inc. in 2003 and continue to work with individuals and companies to cure their financial headaches. Training, writing, blogging, social media and generally building communities around these areas as well as technology has become another passion of mine.