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This is a 3 hour live webinar that I recorded going over how to develop your strategy for building your presence online.

If you are lost in social media and trying to figure out how to navigate your business through the social media sea then this class is for you.


Here’s what some of the live attendees had to say about the Digital Footprint Webinar:

I really appreciate the amount of effort you put into this, it showed.  Your passion is contagious.  And personalizing it and encouraging interaction isn’t something I’ve experienced in the webinars that I’ve viewed in the past.  3 hours, and if you would have kept going I would have kept watching.

I think the whole thing went very well and I know I learned a few things, which always helps. I think I’m drawn to you because we have similar personalities and because you obviously know your stuff. Also, you practice what you preach. You advise people to build relationships, get involved with helping others, and dedication. The fact that you DO these things really shows me that it works and inspires and motivates me to follow your path.


If you do purchase this video please come back and post your comments here!

Thanks in advance!
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