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Explore The Scientific Approach To Setting Your Rates

Weekly Schedule

In a little over 2.5 hours of video..

We’re going to be looking at the Scientific method to laying out

What you need to see in order to set your rates properly.

We’ll teach you how to see the entire financial picture.

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At the end of this we’re going to be able to see how the whole picture comes together so that you can actually set your rates properly based on the inputs. How much time do you have available and how much do you need to achieve the lifestyle that you want.

Advance this video to 35M to get right to the applicable content.

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Here’s a sneak peak at what we went over in the live webinar (what you are about to get):

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Check out the previous episodes from our Friday ABBO Hangout:

Episode 1 –

Starting to look at your personal expenses to see what you need to earn to survive and then some.

Episode 2 –

Taking the weekly schedule a lot deeper and beginning to look at your “assumptions.”

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Here are the facts about The Cloud:

  • Many people are still unclear about what to do with “The Cloud” or what it really is.
  • If you don’t adopt your competition will and they will reap the benefits.
  • Going to The Cloud will increase your efficiency.
  • Collaborating in the cloud will make it much easier to get things done.
  • The Cloud eliminates the double work you are probably frustrated with now.

So you want to adopt The Cloud but you have questions? We’ve got answers. 

Here’s what we’ll show you:
  • What you can put in the cloud.
  • How you can get your business there.
  • How you can manage your information in The Cloud once it is there.
  • Specific examples of tools you can use
  • A demonstration how to use some of them.
  • How to manage files and information.
  • How to manage contacts.
  • How to manage your accounting solution(s).
  • Task Management and assignment.
  • We will allow time for live Q&A


You are purchasing a Zip file which includes the Excel Template and the QuickBooks file. The QuickBooks file is the very file from the video which means it is done in QuickBooks Premier 2012. It will open in 2012 Editions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions and newer. The Excel File was created in MS Excel 2010 and can be opened in older versions. 2003 Office users may need to download a free converter from the Microsoft website in order to open this file.

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