Chris Pirillo

Here is the recording of the live video from my interview with Chris.

All I can say is, “What A Great Guy!”

– Seth David (yes me)


Please join me on Monday April 30, 2012 at 5pm Pacific Time for a live interview with Chris Pirillo. I am proud and grateful that Chris is giving me this opportunity to give all of you an opportunity to learn from an expert about business, building a brand and building a presence on the internet. This is a guy who has been around the internet before it was the internet!

Make sure you have me in your Circles on Google Plus or you can watch the live broadcast right on my YouTube Channel.

Join Chris Pirillo’s Gnomies. I guarantee you that if you get involved and spend a little time here you will get 10X back in value compared to what you pay.

In April of 2009 I had hired an internet consultant to help me navigate my way through social media in search of how to build an online presence for my company, Nerd Enterprises, Inc.

The consultant named some people who I should start following particularly on YouTube. I found one of the people he suggested and I was not in love with the guy. Later on I found out that this guy was very popular but he didn’t and still doesn’t really inspire me. So I realized there must be others I can find on YouTube who did appeal to me. I was right. Within minutes I stumbled on Chris Pirillo and found this video


It has nothing to do with business but it was cracking me up and then I went on and stayed up very late that night watching Chris’ videos. Of course I found out very quickly that this was a guy who new technology and clearly he had the presence online which meant he knew something about that. At a certain point I began to wonder.. “Who IS this guy?” and I started researching him online – not in a stalker kind of way in a let’s see what people have to say about him kind of way. If you look at his LinkedIN profile and read the recommendations people have written about him you will find what I have found out about him over time, and now I can attest to it first hand. Chris Pirillo is a guy who really goes out of his way to help people. When I saw this next video called “What is Community” I was blown away. I was moved because this was a more serious side of Chris I had not yet seen in other videos and it came across as genuine and sincere and I learned a LOT in 30 minutes about what it is REALLY all about on the internet and in social media. It is not about business, even for business. It is about creating a community – something bigger than you and then nurturing it as well as feeding it what it needs in order to grow.


After watching this video I sent a long heartfelt e-mail to him figuring he wouldn’t likely respond, but why not? At the very least I was putting it out there. He did respond and after a few back and forth it became apparent that it was actually Chris himself e-mailing me.

Now I get to see Chris doing that in fact no wait!.. I am a PART of that with his new community called Gnomies. It is an amazing community of highly intelligent people who are highly motivated to help.

Chris Pirillo has been working in the electronic publishing industry since 1996. He launched his original technology publishing company, LockerGnome, from a home office in Iowa – where he also penned his first book on email publishing. Later, he expanded into radio with the weekly “Chris Pirillo Show,” wherein he assisted callers and solves their technology problems.

The combination of Chris’s fame as an early blogger and commanding presence on the airwaves lead to him becoming host of Tech TV’s “Call for Help”. Never losing sight of the role community plays in online marketing, Chris leveraged his personal brand to expand LockerGnome into a profitable blog network.

Today, as a leading YouTube personality and tech analyst, Chris drives the publishing industry forward by providing platform tools to other bloggers, sharing online monetization strategies with celebrities, and helping start-ups find investment and technology partners to grow their business.

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