QuickBooks Tips On Tax Planning For Your 2011 Taxes

This video is part of a series I am doing as a guest blog post on my friend Bruce McFarland’s blog.

Tax Planning With QuickBooks – Segment 1
There are many obvious reasons for not waiting to the last minute. Here is one perhaps less obvious reason..

Tax Planning With QuickBooks – Segment 2
You might know how to run your basic reports in QuickBooks and you might even understand how to read them, but do you know how to “review” them?

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Want powerful insights about how your business is performing?
Segment 3 comes out tomorrow and in that one I show you how to run some variations on these reports to do some analytical review. This will give you additional assurance that everything is being booked correctly as well as provide some powerful insights about how your business is performing. Stay tuned or send me a post and I will make sure I notify you once it goes live.

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