How to remove those annoying payment links from your QuickBooks Invoice

You may have had the experience I had this year when I sent out a customer invoice from QuickBooks only to receive a response from the customer explaining that the payment link on my QuickBooks invoice didn’t work. You also may have found yourself as I did scratching your head and wondering,

“What payment link?”

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Then upon further investigation you looked as I did and found that your QuickBooks invoice did in fact have a payment link on it inviting customer payments using this convenient service now offered by Intuit. The only problem is they didn’t tell you when you upgraded to QuickBooks 2012 that this was going to just automatically appear on your invoice and that you needed to sign up for their service in order to avoid the embarassmant of having your clients tell you that they payment link on your QuickBooks invoice doesn’t work. We all love the idea of a convenient way to collect customer payments, but seriously intuit failed miserably on this one in my opinion. For one thing I already have the ability to take payments online. Even so if Intuit had stuck this on there and offer 5 free payments processed I might have been impressed enough to sign up – especially if I saw that it was working because clients were clicking the link immediately and paying their invoices. In other words if I saw immediate results in terms of the improvement to my cash flow then the value would have been demonstrated and I would have been happy to sign up for the QuickBooks online payment service. Instead the QuickBooks Online payment service caused me embarrassment and proved to be a big turnoff.

Now the challenge before us is how to remove those annoying payment links from your QuickBooks Invoice. My video here shows you how to do it in a few simple steps:

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